Photos of the activities of the Free Kuwait Campaign in London, UK, August 1990 through March 1991
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Michael Lorrigan
Former teacher and deputy headmaster in Kuwait; came to London on August 3 from Bristol to protest the invasion and joined the Media Committee as a volunteer; also spent a month in the US to organize protests against the invasion

"I worried about the way public opinion in the US was dipping, while British public support for Kuwait and military intervention seemed rock solid. This was greatly helped by FKC’s activities, which had started right after the invasion. Taking a 6-week break from the FKC in late December and January to campaign in the US, I started in California, where anti-war sentiment was rampant (‘No Blood for Oil’ was the cry!) and then on to Washington DC to generate media coverage. In early January, I asked 2 of our Kuwaiti ‘media stars,’ Ali Al-Mulaifi and Sundus Hamza Abbas, to join me in DC, where we could quickly get great media coverage with the right message. They flew in and we got interviews instantly, some broadcast nationwide. It was just one example of remarkable commitment by people like Ali and Sundus right from the very start to the end of the crisis.

"On January 15 outside Iraq’s Embassy in DC, I joined a protest covered by prominent news media. I had no idea the air strikes would start the next evening (DC time). On the evening of the 16th, Ali and Sundus were doing a live radio interview in DC. I was outside the studio when someone told me of reports of explosions in Baghdad. It was later confirmed: the air war had begun. Ali and Sundus returned to London shortly afterwards. I stayed for some days in DC, just in case.

"I have never met most of the key FKC people during the last 21 years, but I recall that time as the most challenging and interesting of my life. We walked with history…and we can all say we made a real difference. And that difference was on the side of right."%0A%0a The Free Kuwait site contains photos of the activities of the Free Kuwait Campaign in London, UK, August 1990 through March 1991. Visit it here:" target="_blank">Email this page

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