Photos of the activities of the Free Kuwait Campaign in London, UK, August 1990 through March 1991
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  We invite FKC participants to submit recent photos of themselves with a special brief reminiscence of the campaign days for the photo caption. Back to thumbnails
John Lewinton
Hideaway in Kuwait during the occupation; released in December and immediately joined the FKC in London

"Two memories stand out from the days of helping the FKC: my first press conference and my trip to the north.

"In December 1990 right after release from Kuwait, 9 of us human shield hostages and hideaways gave our personal accounts to a huge gathering of journalists. When asked how Kuwait and London differed, I replied, ‘Cars with wheels.’ You had to be there to see the destruction. Ordinary Iraqi soldiers weren’t allowed to steal cars, but Iraq had run out of car tires due to sanctions and so soldiers stole practically all wheels and tires off the cars in Kuwait. Every curbside and carpark was lined with cars missing wheels.

"During February 22-24, 1991, the weekend of the ground war in Kuwait, 3 others and I toured Northern Ireland and Scotland to meet families of British troops in the coalition forces. The trip had to be completely secret due to the IRA threat to British soldiers and their families. On Friday night we met in the Newtownards suburb of Belfast, where I led the speaking on behalf of our group. Saturday we drove to Londonderry for a meeting at the British Legion Club, which was fortified like a military base. Sunday morning we flew to Glasgow via London to meet another group. Sunday evening we flew back to London. Only as I waited for a bus to take me to my mother’s house did I realize today, February 24, is my birthday. My mother hadn’t forgotten though. Mothers don’t forget things like that."
John Lewinton  Hideaway in Kuwait during the occupation; released in December and immediately joined the FKC in London