Photos of the activities of the Free Kuwait Campaign in London, UK, August 1990 through March 1991
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This chart presents a summation of events, with links to those having photos in the Gallery. They are NOT all-inclusive. The largest event was on November 2, when thousands of volunteers, including students from at least 120 institutions, distributed campaign materials in more than 200 cities and towns. London alone had more than 1,000 volunteers at all major tube stations, shopping malls, and the city center.

August 2, 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
Emergency meeting at Kuwaiti Embassy and first march from Kuwaiti Embassy to Iraqi Embassy
August 3, 1990 Kuwaiti High Committee formed, marking the start of the Free Kuwait Campaign (See Intro page 2.)
August 5 & 12, 1990 First informal gatherings of Kuwaitis in Hyde Park after news of the Iraqi invasion (0001-0102)
September 7, 1990 First meeting in London of newly established international Kuwaiti People’s Movement (0201-0210)
September 9, 1990 One of the informal gatherings of Kuwaitis each Sunday in Hyde Park (0301-0302)
First major march and rally staged by Kuwaitis in London, Kuwait Embassy to Hyde Park (0401-0430)
September 12, 1990 Lecture on how international law applied to the Iraqi invasion (0501-0505)
September 15, 1990 Panel discussion on whether the crisis might be resolved by diplomacy or arms (0601-0607)
September 16, 1990 Speakers at a rally in Hyde Park (0701-0713)
September 17, 1990 Meeting to discuss legal and financial status of Kuwaitis in the UK (0801-0809)
October 3, 1990 Indoor rally to promote Kuwaiti solidarity (0901-0907)
Amnesty International release on situation in Kuwait
October 7, 1990 Second major march and rally, Kuwaiti Embassy to Trafalgar Square (1001-1033)
October 11, 1990 Lecture on the loss to the Islamic world caused by Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait (1101-1104)
October 14, 1990 Panel discussion on the Iraqi invasion from the standpoint of international law (1201-1205)
October 23, 1990 Lecture on Iraqi regime’s crimes being committed in Kuwait and the role of resistance (1301-1311)
October 24, 1990 UN Day vigil outside Parliament by young Kuwaitis in tribute to those who died fighting for Kuwait
October 31, 1990 Meeting to prepare for Free Kuwait Day activities on November 2 (1401-1407)
November 2, 1990 Gathering to witness release of shipboard balloons over Thames River (1501-1508)
Interfaith ceremony in St. Martin-in-the-Fields (1601-1616)
Evening event to raise funds for Kuwaitis in financial need (1701-1730)
November 5, 1990 Lecture on Kuwaiti unity and legitimate sovereignty (1801-1805)
November 22, 1990 Lecture on obligations of other Islamic nations and on conditions inside Kuwait (1901-1910)
November 23, 1990 Lecture on regional and international economic impact of the occupation (2001-2004)
November 24, 1990 Stop the Atrocities Day
November 25, 1990 Demonstration in Hyde Park (2101-2110)
Meeting to organize participation in the march and rally on December 2 (2201-2207)
November 28, 1990 Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya on status of Kuwaiti students in the UK (2301-2305)
November 29, 1990 Preparations for December 2 march and rally (2401-2407)
December 2, 1990 Third major march and rally, Kuwaiti Embassy to Trafalgar Square (See 2501-2549.) (Speech A002.)
December 5, 1990 Visit by Kuwaiti Minister of Foreign Affairs to Media Committee office (2601-2610)
Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya on publication of Voice of Kuwait newspaper (2701-2707)
December 6, 1990 Kuwaiti High Committee meeting to coordinate activities of its branch committees (2801-2808)
December 10, 1990 Human Rights Day vigil by Kuwaiti children at London UN building and presentation of letter to UN
December 11-12, 1990 Hostages and hideaways met at Gatwick Airport by FKC members
December 12, 1990 Vigil and sit-in by members of Goa-Kuwait Solidarity Center at a church in India
December 14, 1990 Press conference in London for 9 hostages and hideaways
Diwaniya in Dubai (2901-2910)
December 16, 1990 Speeches, poetry, and prayers at Kuwaiti People’s Committee event (3001-3029)
c. December 18, 1990 Visit by religious Iraqi opposition leaders to Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya (3101-3111)
c. December 20, 1990 Visit by a Kuwaiti MP to Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya (3201-3209)
c. December 22, 1990 Report to Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya by recent escapee from Kuwait (3301-3306)
December 24, 1990 Panel discussion on the aims of delegates pleading the Kuwaiti cause in foreign nations (3401-3414)
Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya on preparations by the coalition forces (3501-3507)
January 1, 1991 Football match: Free Kuwait team vs. St. Albans (score: 0-8)
January 2, 1991 Joint protest in the morning at Iraqi Embassy by the FKC and the Iraqi opposition (3601-3611)
Large evening event to offer moral support to the people inside Kuwait (3701-3721)
January 5, 1991 Visit by Kuwaiti Ambassador to the UAE to Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya (3801-3807)
January 8, 1991 Media Committee meeting to evaluate its progress (3901-3906)
January 13, 1991 Fourth major march and rally, Kuwait Embassy to Hyde Park (4001-4049)
January 14, 1991 Football match: Free Kuwait team vs. Old Stars of England (score: 3-2)
January 16, 1991 Lecture on the crisis and its impact on Arab nations (4101-4107)
January 17, 1991 First day of Desert Storm air strikes; journalists at Media Committee office (4201-4207)
Visit by Egyptian author to Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya (4301-4305)
January 20, 1991 Foreign reporters at Media Committee office after Desert Storm air strikes began (4401-4403)
January 26, 1991 Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya on progress of the coalition air force (4501-4509)
February 4, 1991 Kuwaiti High Committee diwaniya on Kuwait’s future after liberation (4601-4607)
February 6, 1991 Kuwaiti volunteers leaving to join the coalition forces (4701-4716)
February 13, 1991 Debate at Cambridge Union Society (Video excerpt V005.)
February 16, 1991 Visit by Kuwaiti Minister of Planning to Kuwaiti High Committee diwaniya (4801-4807)
Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya to discuss Kuwait’s future after liberation (4901-4908)
February 20, 1991 Visit by Kuwaiti Minister of Finance to Kuwaiti High Committee diwaniya (5001-5009)
February 25, 1991 Rally at Kuwaiti Embassy to celebrate Kuwait’s National Day (5101-5113)
Foreign reporters awaiting news on the Gulf War at Media Committee office (5201-5209)
February 26, 1991 News of liberation reaches the UK (5301-5310)
Joy of liberation mingled with anxiety over the welfare of family and friends in Kuwait (5401-5407)
Kuwaiti People’s Committee diwaniya following and discussing news of liberation (5501-5509)
March 2, 1991 Kuwaitis celebrating liberation in the streets of London (5601-5621)
Kuwaiti-British Friendship Committee members honoring British war dead at the Cenotaph (5701-5714)
March 5, 1991 Volunteers leaving for Kuwait to join the Red Crescent Society (5801-5805)
National Bank of Kuwait hosting a celebration for liberation (5901-5917)
March 6, 1991 United Bank of Kuwait hosting a celebration for liberation (6001-6036)
Media Committee members celebrating liberation (6101-6107)
March 8, 1991 Visit to British wounded at Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital, Woolwich
March 9, 1991 Seminar to discuss Kuwait’s economic future (6201-6217)
c. March 11, 1991 First post-liberation demonstration for The Missing (6301-6307)
March 25, 1991 Silent vigil at UN London building and petition to UN on behalf of The Missing
May 17, 1991 Post-liberation Run for Freedom race to help the cause of The Missing (6401-6404)
February-June 1991 Scenes from FKC members’ return to Kuwait (6501-6509)
February 16-19, 2011 Exhibition on the Free Kuwait Campaign 20 years after liberation (6887-6899)
On February 6, 1991, Media Committee member Ali Al-Mulaifi left London to join the British troops in Saudi Arabia as an interpreter. One of the FKC’s most effective, tireless, and charismatic voices, Al-Mulaifi had risen to the status of a media star during his 6 months of activism on the committee. During the campaign, his travels included 2 visits to the US, 1 to France, and 2 to Glasgow, as well as participation in debates and public meetings in various English cities and towns.

On December 12, 1990, the Goa-Kuwait Solidarity Center, one of the most vocal foreign organizations protesting the Iraqi occupation, staged a vigil and sit-in strike in Panaji, capital of the state of Goa in India. In addition, the G-KSC marched and held rallies to support Kuwait. Activists in other regions of India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines also strongly opposed the occupation. The largest demonstrations on behalf of Kuwait were in the UK and US.

On March 25, 1991, from 10 am to 5 pm in the bitter cold March wind, Kuwaiti High Committee members (from right) Abdulrahman Al-Obaidly and Khalid Al-Hajri led a silent vigil outside the UN building at 3 Whitehall Court. Their commitment to Kuwaiti causes had not ended with liberation. The protestors presented a petition for the UN Secretary General to ask for immediate release of The Missing.

March 25, 1991

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