Photos of the activities of the Free Kuwait Campaign in London, UK, August 1990 through March 1991
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Map of London, UK

Shown here are 21 locations mentioned in the website.


1 Hyde Park
Every Sunday Kuwaitis’ gathering at Speakers’ Corner
September 9th & January 13th rallies at The Reformers Tree
May 1991 start of Run for Freedom
2 FKC Headquarters 41 Porchester Terrace
Student Union building
Offices of most FKC committees
3 Porchester Hall Porchester Centre
Site of most large indoor FKC meetings
4 AMB Bureau de Change Edgware Road
August 1990 Kuwaiti dinar’s fall to zero
March 1991 dinar’s recovery
5 News Agent Edgware Road
February 18th news of Iraqi Minister Tariq Aziz in Moscow
6 London Diwan 119-121 George Street
Social Committee office and KHC diwaniya; medical clinic
7 Portman Hotel 22 Portman Square
March 6th liberation celebration hosted by UBK
8 Churchill Hotel 30 Portman Square
March 5th liberation celebration hosted by NBK
9 Kuwait Airways 16 Baker Street
Kuwaiti Affairs Committee office
10 Kuwaiti People's Committee 5 Dorset Square
Daily KPC diwaniya for news and discussion in KPC building
11 Polytechnic of Central London 35 Marylebone Road
September 15th panel discussion
12 Kuwait Health Office 40 Devonshire Street
13 Chelsea Old Town Hall King’s Road
January 16th lecture
14 Kuwaiti Embassy 45-46 Queen’s Gate
Starting place of all major marches
February 25th National Day vigil
15 Iraqi Embassy 20 Queen’s Gate
August 2nd-5th protest marchers’ destination
January 2nd joint FKC/Iraqi demonstration
16 Trafalgar Square Covent Garden
October 7th & December 2nd FKC rallies
17 St. Martin-in-the-Fields Trafalgar Square
November 2nd interfaith religious ceremony
18 British Prime Minister’s Office 10 Downing Street
c. March 11th first demonstration for The Missing
19 Cenotaph Whitehall
March 2nd ceremony honoring British war dead
20 Thames River Jubilee Gardens
November 2nd balloon release from boat
21 Marble Arch western end of Oxford Street
March 2nd outdoor liberation celebration

Route of the Marches

August 2nd-5th 14 Kuwaiti Embassy 15 Iraqi Embassy
Hundreds 0.2 miles 0.3 km Intro Page 2
September 9th 14 Kuwaiti Embassy 1 Hyde Park "Free Kuwait" More than 2,000 2.0 miles 3.5 km 0401-0430
October 7th 14 Kuwaiti Embassy 16 Trafalgar Square "Free Kuwait" More than 3,000 3.4 miles 5.5 km 1001-1033
December 2nd 14 Kuwaiti Embassy 16 Trafalgar Square "Stop the Atrocities" More than 6,000 3.4 miles 5.5 km 2501-2551
January 13th 14 Kuwaiti Embassy 1 Hyde Park "Save the People" More than 8,000 2.0 miles 3.5 km 4001-4049

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