Photos of the activities of the Free Kuwait Campaign in London, UK, August 1990 through March 1991
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This chart lists all people identified in the website in alphabetical order by last name. To find photos of a particular person, type the spelling shown here into the Search box and put the full name in quotation marks, for example, "John Doe". We regret not having photos for everyone mentioned on the committee membership lists. If you see your name here, please help us complete the chart by providing your profession then and now.

Ja'far Abbas Dr.
Mustafa Ghuloom Abbas Political analyst Researcher, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
Kazem Abdulhussein Charity work Charity work
Mohamed Abduljabar A member of the Iraqi opposition Iraqi Deputy Minister of Industry
Najm Abdulkareem Poet Poet
Farouk Abdulrahim
Hesham Abdulrahim Executive at government investment firm
Khalid Abdulsalam
Sahar Abdulsalam
Ahmad Abdulsamad
Fouzi Abul Dr.
Larry Adler American musician Deceased
Wadha Ahmad
Ali Akbar
Hamza Akbar Businessman Businessman
Abdulmohsen Al-Abdul Razzak
Lubna Al-Abdul Razzak
Sabiqa Al-Abdul Razzaq Dr.
Salwa Al-Abdulhadi
Salah Al-Abduljader PhD student Teacher at business training firm Dr.
Hetaf Al-Abdulmohsen
Ali Al-Adsani
Hasan Al-Ajami
Mohamed Al-Ajami Executive, KNPC
Majed Al-Ajeel Banker
Adel Al-Ali Attorney in the UK Attorney adviser in the US
Salwa Al-Amari
Abdulrahman Al-Anazi Dr.
Thawai Al-Anazi
Yousif Al-Anazi
Dina Ibrahim Al-Anjari
Abdullah Al-Atar
Khalid Al-Atar
Mohamed Al-Atar
Adel Al-Ateeqi
Dawood Al-Ateeqi
Abdulrahman Al-Awadhi Dr.
Badria Al-Awadhi Professor of International Law, Kuwait University Attorney and activist Dr.
Khalid Al-Awadhi
Muna Al-Awadhi
Sadiqa Al-Awadhi Medical doctor Dr.
Walid Al-Awadhi Filmmaker
Alia Al-Azbi
Manal Al-Bader
Mayson Al-Bader
Adnan Al-Bahar Businessman Businessman
Ghada Al-Bahar Production Head, KTV2
Reem Al-Bahar Businesswoman
Ibrahim Al-Baho Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Deceased
Bader Al-Baloul
Sahar Khalid Al-Banay
Salem Al-Banay
Ayesha Barjas Hmoud Al-Barjas
Barjas Hmoud Al-Barjas Director General, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) President, Kuwait Red Crescent Society
Khalid Al-Barjas
Maha Al-Barjas Vice President, Kuwait Human Rights Society
Issam Al-Bashir Sheikh Dr.
Ebtisam Al-Bassam
Sabah Al-Bassam Medical doctor Dr.
Sadeq Al-Bassam Businessman Dr.
Abdulhameed Al-Belali Head, Alkhair Bashayer [Substance Abuse Rehab Society]
Mohamed Al-Busairi Kuwaiti Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Dr.
Khalifa Al-Dabbous
Huda Al-Dahishi
Iman Al-Dakhan
Lamia' Al-Dakhan
Majed Bader Jamal Al-Deen Adviser, Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Adviser, Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI)
Mubarak Al-Duwailah Kuwaiti MP
Ahmad Al-Duwaisan Cultural attaché
Ahmad Al-Eisa
Salma Al-Eisa Reform Perception Index Commissioner, Ministry of Finance
Ferial Al-Essa
Mazin Al-Essa Medical doctor Dr.
Khalid Al-Fouzan Businessman
Najwa Al-Fouzan
Seham Al-Fraih Associate Professor of Literature, Kuwait University Professor of Literature, Kuwait University Dr.
Raina Al-Fulaij
Reem Al-Fulaij Dr.
Basel Al-Ghanim
Dawood Al-Ghanim
Khalifa Al-Ghanim Businessman
Nabeel Al-Gharabally Businessman
Fatima Al-Gheith
Tarek Talat Al-Ghoussein Kuwaiti ex-Ambassador
Jawad Al-Hairi A member of the Iraqi opposition
Maha Al-Hajji
Khalid Al-Hajri PhD student Chairman & CEO, International Leasing & Investment Company Dr.
Abdulaziz Al-Hakim A religious leader of the Iraqi opposition Deceased Sayyed
Sadiqa Al-Hamad
Aqil Al-Hamar Businessman
Hafsa Al-Hamdan
Reem Fahad Al-Haqan
Lafi Al-Harbi
Lasser Al-Harbi
Jaber Abu Al-Hasan Architect
Sadiq Abu Al-Hasan Businessman
Taleb Abu Al-Hasan
Anwar Al-Hasawi Director, KUNA Photography Center
Mohamed Mutlaq Al-Hessian
Walid Al-Hilli A member of the Iraqi opposition Iraqi MP Dr.
Khalid Al-Hmoud
Moudi Al-Hmoud Kuwaiti ex-Minister of Higher Education Dr.
Maha Al-Hoti
Abdullah Al-Houli Child
Ahmad Al-Houli PhD student Dr.
Yousif Al-Houli Child
Reem Al-Jaber
Hussein Al-Jassim
Adel Al-Jimaz Dean, Faculty of Technology Studies, PAAET Dr.
Fahad Yaqoub Al-Jouan Businessman Businessman; member, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce
Fawz Al-Jouan
Yaqoub Al-Jouan Businessman Board Member, Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz)
Ahmad Ja'far Al-Kandari Dr.
Athari Al-Kandari
Azara Ahmad Al-Kandari
Faisal Al-Kandari
Khalid Al-Kandari Medical Student Medical Doctor Dr.
Mariam Al-Kandari Professor, Political Science, Kuwait University Dr.
Abdulmutalib Al-Kazemi Kuwaiti ex-Minister of Oil Businessman
Fadel Al-Kazemi Businessman
Nouri Al-Kazemi Deceased
Othman Al-Khadher PhD student Professor of Psychology, Kuwait University Dr.
Abdulmutalib Al-Khaiat
Adel Al-Khaldi
Ahmad Mohamed Al-Khalid Executive, Kuwait Finance House
Salah Al-Khalid
Fatima Al-Khalifa
Asma Al-Khamis
Khalid Al-Khamis
Sanaa' Al-Khamis
Sharifa Al-Khamis
Abdulaziz Al-Kharafi
Adel Al-Kharafi President, World Federation of Engineering Organizations
Adela Al-Kharafi
Jassim Al-Kharafi Kuwaiti ex-Minister of Finance Speaker, Kuwaiti Parliament
Mohamed Abdulmohsen Al-Kharafi Board Chairman, National Bank of Kuwait Deceased
Najma Al-Kharafi Professor of Psychology, Kuwait University Dr.
Rafid Al-Kharafi
Ahmad Al-Khatib Political activist Kuwaiti ex-MP Dr.
Ghyad Al-Khatrash
Jassim Al-Khawajah Professor of Psychology, Kuwait University Dr.
Mohamed Taqi Al-Khoei Director, Al-Khoei Foundation, UK; a religious member of the Iraqi opposition Deceased Sayyed
Abdullatif Al-Khudari
Abdulrahman Al-Khuraibet
Asad Al-Khuraibet
Islam Al-Khuraibet
Danah Al-Luheeb
Hussah Al-Luheeb
Abdullatif Al-Mahmeed Jeweler
Mohamed Abdullatif Al-Mahmeed Child Deceased
Abdullatif Al-Mahmeed (Mrs
Abdulhakim Al-Maili
Khalaf Al-Mana
Salah Al-Maousherji Businessman
Abdul Wahab Al-Marzouq Businessman
Abdulaziz Al-Marzouq
Mohamed Al-Marzouq
Najat Al-Marzouq
Seham Al-Marzouq Activist; translator
Sahar Al-Masha'an
Ali Al-Matrouk Businessman
Hussein Al-Mazdi
Abdulhameed Al-Mazeedi Businessman
Hani Al-Mazeedi Halal food expert, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research Dr.
Hussein Al-Mazeedi
Wael Al-Mazeedi KPC employee; founder of oil/gas financing consultancy in the UK Chairman, oil/gas financing consultancy
Asma Al-Mefleh
Esra'a Al-Mefleh
Taghrid Al-Mefleh
Talal Al-Mejel
Fadel Al-Milani A religious member of the Iraqi opposition Director, Al-Khoei Foundation, UK Sayyed
Mohamed Al-Mishari Medical doctor Medical doctor Dr.
Adnan Al-Mousa
Ali Al-Mousa Manager, Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK)
Hani Al-Mousa
Muna Al-Mousa Kuwait Petroleum International, UK Executive, Kuwait Petroleum Company
Ahmad Sayed A'bed Al-Mousawi Deceased
Hasan Al-Mousawi
Mustafa Al-Mousawi Dr.
Talal Al-Mu'jel
Bassam Al-Mubaraki Businessman
Mariam Mubarak Al-Mubaraki
Abdulwahab Al-Mufti Businessman Businessman
Mohamed Abdullah Al-Muhanna Child
Ali Al-Mulaifi Interior designer
Amina Al-Mulaifi
Abdullah Al-Mulla Business executive
Najeeb Al-Mulla Businessman Chairman, Al-Mulla Group Holding Company
Ahmad Al-Muqaddam UK economist Dr.
Khalid Al-Muraifi'
Abdulkareem Al-Mutair
Ala Fej'an Al-Mutair
Ulla Al-Mutair
Adnan Al-Mutawa Kuwaiti MP
Camilia Al-Mutawa Teacher
Marwan Hesham Al-Mutawa
Mohamed Al-Mutawa
Mubarak Al-Mutawa Attorney Attorney
Sadiq Al-Mutawa Businessman Chairman, British School of Kuwait
Sadiq Jassim Al-Mutawa
Sulaiman Al-Mutawa Kuwaiti Minister of Planning Chairman, Institute for Private Education & Training Company and Pan Arab Management Company
Vera Al-Mutawa
Yousif Al-Mutawa
Fawziyah Al-Na'ssar
Anwar Ghazi Al-Nafisi
Nora Ghazi Al-Nafisi
Abdulaziz Al-Najjar Student
Abdulrahman Al-Najjar Poet Poet
Dalal Al-Najjar Child Industrial engineer
Fahad Abdulrahman Al-Najjar Medical student Medical doctor Dr.
Asma Al-Naqi
Khalid Al-Naqi
Mohamed Al-Naqi Businessman
Najla Al-Naqi Attorney Government attorney
Basel Al-Naqib
Basma Al-Naqib
Lubna Al-Naqib
Tareq Al-Naqib
Fawziyah Al-Nas'sar
Bader Al-Nashi PhD student Secretary General, Islamic Constitutional Movement (Hadas)
Walid Al-Nasrallah Business executive
Bent Al-Neel
Jamal Al-Nibari
Abdulrahman Al-Obaidly Student Business executive, Qatar
Jamal Al-Omairi
Bader Hamad Al-Omar Businessman
Rashid Salim Al-Omeri Kuwaiti Minister of Oil Dr.
Mohamed Al-Otaibi
Khalid Al-Otaiqi
Nasser Al-Othman Dr.
Faisal Al-Qabandi Businessman
Jehan Al-Qabandi
Fouzi Al-Qassar Assistant Deputy Minister for Tax Affairs, Kuwaiti Ministry of Finance
Jassim Al-Qatami Kuwaiti ex-MP and political activist
Lulwa Al-Qatami
Mohamed Jassim Al-Qatami
Sulaiman Al-Qathibi
Abdulmajeed Al-Qattan
Hussein Al-Qattan Businessman Businessman
Muwaffaq Al-Rabie A leader of the Iraqi opposition
Abdulhalim Al-Rahimi A member of the Iraqi opposition
Mohamed Al-Rajib
Ghazi Al-Rayes Kuwaiti Ambassador to the UK
Bader Al-Rifai Head of FKC radio station Ex-Secretary General, National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters (NCCAL)
Ibrahim Al-Rifaie Dr.
Farah Al-Roumi
Nouriya Al-Roumi Dr.
Yousif Hamad Al-Roumi
Mohamed Al-Rumaihi Editor, Al-Arabi magazine Professor of Sociology, Kuwait University, and Editor in Chief, Awan Daily Dr.
Hmoud Al-Ruqba Kuwaiti Minister of Oil Deceased Dr.
Khalid Al-Ruwaih
Osama Al-Ruwaih
Ahmad Al-Saadoun Speaker, Kuwaiti Parliament Kuwaiti MP
Muna Al-Saadoun
Sheikha Ahmad Al-Saadoun
Ali Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah Official at Kuwaiti Embassy Head, Economic Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sheikh
Amna Fahad Al-Sabah
Anwar Al-Sabah Chairperson, iPartner Group Sheikha Dr.
Azza Al-Sabah Sheikha
Bandar Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Sheikh
Bibi Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Sheikha
Fadia Al-Sabah Daughter of the Crown Prince Sheikha
Huda Fahad Al-Salim Al-Sabah
Iman Fahad Al-Sabah Chairwoman, United Trading Group Sheikha
Jemayel Al-Sabah Daughter of the Crown Prince Sheikha
Khalid Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah Chief of Emiri Protocol and Kuwait Cabinet Minister Sheikh
Khalid Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Kuwaiti Minister, Emiri Diwan Affairs Deceased Sheikh
Majed Al-Sabah Sheikh
Mohamed Abdullah Mubarak Al-Sabah Student Kuwaiti Minister of Information Sheikh
Moudhi Al-Sabah Sheikha
Omniya Al-Sabah Sheikha
Rasha Al-Sabah Ex-Undersecretary, Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education Sheikha Dr.
Rashid Al-Hmoud Al-Sabah Envoy, Kuwaiti Embassy in the UAE Deceased Sheikh
Sabah Abdullah Al-Sabah Sheikh
Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Kuwaiti Minister of Foreign Affairs Emir of State of Kuwait HRH
Salem Abdulaziz Al-Saud Al-Sabah Governor, Central Bank of Kuwait Governor, Central Bank of Kuwait Sheikh
Sheikha Al-Sabah Sheikha
Suad Al-Sabah Poet Poet and publisher Sheikha Dr.
Ashoor Al-Sabaq Businessman Businessman
Jassim Al-Sabty
Khalid Al-Sabty
Nouriya Al-Saddani Activist Advisor, Kuwait Civil Society
Mansour Al-Saffar Businessman
Jassim Al-Sager Businessman Deceased
Walid Al-Saif
Alaa' Al-Salah Dr.
Najeeb Al-Salah Businessman
Adef Al-Salem
Walid Al-Sallal
Surour Al-Samerai Banking human resources manager
Bader Nasser Al-Sane
Jassim Nasser Al-Sane
Lila Al-Sane
Nasser Al-Sane Deputy Minister, Kuwait Ex-MP; Professor of Business Administration, Kuwait University Dr.
Maha Al-Sani'a
Nabila Al-Sani'a
Ghazi Al-Saq'abi Businessman Businessman
Mohamed Al-Saq'abi Judge Retired
Ghazi Al-Saq'abi (Mrs
Ahmad Zaid Al-Sarhan Ex-Speaker, Parliament
Fatima Al-Sarhan
Sharifa Al-Sarhan
Abdulhameed Al-Sarraf Attorney Attorney
Mustafa Al-Sarraf Attorney Attorney
Mahmoud Al-Sayed
Jaf'ar Al-Sayegh Businessman Businessman
Khanem Al-Sayegh Website author's mother Deceased
Salah Al-Sayegh
Adeeb Al-Sayer
Adela Al-Sayer Owner & Head, American school for girls
Saeed Al-Shahabi Bahraini member of the opposition, UK Bahraini member of the opposition, UK Dr.
Ali Al-Shamlan Kuwaiti Minister of Higher Education Retired Director General, Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) Dr.
Atiya Al-Shammari
Saeed Al-Sharia
Ahmad Al-Shatti Head, Occupational Health Department, Ministry of Health
Ismail Al-Shatti Advisor, Kuwait Prime Minister's Diwan Dr.
Mohamed Al-Shatti
Sulaf Abdulaziz Al-Shayji
Hind Al-Shoumer Medical doctor Official, Kuwait Ministry of Health Dr.
Abdullah Al-Sumait Businessman
Heba Al-Tamimi
Mishaal Al-Tamimi
Rashid Al-Tamimi
Wud Al-Tamimi
Khalid Al-Tewari Businessman
Naima Al-Thaqeef
Atarid Al-Thaqib
Mustafa Al-Thaqib
Sheikha Al-Thaqib
Wafiqa Al-Thaqib Activist Board member, Kuwaiti Association for the Disabled
Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijri
Saad Al-Wazzan Businessman Businessman
Zaid Al-Wazzan Businessman Businessman
Muna Al-Yaqout
Abdulkareem Al-Yousifi
Adel Al-Yousifi Businessman Businessman
Asia Al-Yousifi
Mohamed Rida Al-Yousifi Businessman Retired
Narjes Al-Yousifi Manager, a private hospital
Suhaila Al-Yousifi Teacher Retired
Yousif Adel Al-Yousifi Child Student
Hamad Al-Zabin Businessman
Ghazi Al-Zahem
Haifa Al-Zahem
Huda Al-Zahem
Mariam Al-Zamami
Adel Al-Zawawi
Rashid Al-Zeer
Sharifa Rashid Al-Zeer
Abdulrahman Mohamed Bin Ali
Mohamed Sulaiman Saied Ali Advisor, Emiri Diwan
Taleb Ali Businessman Businessman
Salah Eddin Arkadan Assistant Professor of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) Dr.
Abdulaziz Ashoor
Habib Ashoor Deceased
Ali Baba
Eisa Bahman Businessman Businessman
Adnan Bakhsami Businessman Businessman
Sam Bassan Printer who supplied most FKC materials, UK Wedding photographer, UK
Abdulsalaam Behbehani
Abdulwahab Behbehani
Abeer Behbehani
Adel Behbehani Businessman Businessman
Afaf Behbehani
Ali Morad Behbehani
Aziza Behbehani
Hussein Morad Behbehani Businessman Businessman
Talal Behbehani
Christopher Bell
Lesley Bell
Mohamed Boabbas
Essa Borahmah
Rashid Bouresli Businessman
Ismail Boushaba
Abdullah Boushahri
Adel Boushahri
Zainab Boushahri
Eisa Boutaiban
Omar Buhamad Official FKC photographer
Kevin Burke Attorney Attorney in Kuwait
Sue Clayton Financial Times, UK Filmmaker, composer, writer, UK
Ibrahim Dabdoub CEO, National Bank of Kuwait CEO, National Bank of Kuwait
Abdulhadi Dashti
Abdulhameed Dashti Attorney Attorney
Mahmoud Dashti
Mahmoud Hussein Dashti Assistant Manager, Ibn Sina Hospital Dr.
Anne Dawson UK
Mohamed Dullas
Gary Eales Businessman / Political Activist Businessman in the US
Khalid Eisa Bin Eisa
Jane Emerson
Hamza Eslah
Mustafa Faraj
Salwa Al-Abdul Hadi
Hayat Abu Hadidah
Salman Haider Employee, Kuwait Ministry of Information
Mohamed Hakimi A member of the Iraqi opposition Iraqi politician
Adel Hamada Businessman
Sundus Hamza Abbas CEO, consulting firm
Amira Hasan
Huda Hasan
Judith Hatton Deceased
Abdullah Hayat
Ali Hayat Businessman Businessman
Habib Johar Hayat Businessman Kuwait Ex-Minister of Telecommunications
Martin Henwood Anglican curate, UK Anglican curate, UK Reverend
Miles Hoffman Financial analyst Financial analyst, US
David Howell British MP Minister of State, UK Foreign Office Baron
Hamza Abbas Hussein Adviser on ecomonic development
Fahmi Huwaidi Columnist, Al-Ahram newspaper, Egypt Online columnist, Egypt
Abdullah Haji Ibrahim Dr.
Mohamed Abdulkuder Ibrahim Architect
Zainab Ismail
Alia Jaber
Abdulkareem Jamal
Abdulmohsen Jamal Kuwaiti ex-MP and columnist, Al-Qabas newspaper Dr.
Abdulnabi Jamal Police captain Retired
Aseel Abdulnabi Jamal Student Teacher
Estabraq Abdulnabi Jamal Student Teacher
Sundus Abdulnabi Jamal Student Teacher
Abdulmajeed Jeragh Dr.
Taleb Jeragh Army Businessman
Danya Mustafa Karam
Fadel Karam
Hani Karam
Mustafa Karam Businessman Businessman
Ray Kennedy Music producer, US Music producer, US
Hasan Khalaf
Khalid Khalaf Attorney Attorney
Mohamed Khalaf Dr.
Adel Khalifa
Sami Khalifa Columnist Dr.
Abdulrida Khorshid Businessman Businessman
John Lewinton Manager, Kuwait Shipbuilding & Repairyard Company (KSRC) Oil industry consultant, Kuwait
Michael Lorrigan Director, board game design & marketing firm, UK Managing Director, training firm, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Qatar
Kazim Abbas Abel Mahmeed
Thuraya Mahmoud
Olga Maitland Chairperson, Women & Families for Defence British ex-MP and consultant Lady
Nasser Malik Executive, Al-Ahli Bank Businessman
Faisal Mandani
Musab Mandani
Ali Mousa Marafi Student
Bader Mousa Marafi Student
Hani Marafi
Mousa Marafi Managing Director, Kuwait Shipbuilding & Repairyard Company (KSRC) Owner of upstream petroleum consultancy
Yousif Mousa Marafi Student
Clarence Matchell BBC, UK Public relations executive, UK
Roger Moate British MP Retired Sir
Hamza Mukamis Businessman Businessman
Abdulkareem Muqaddas
Abdulaziz Murad
Abdulmajeed Murad
Maher Bin Naji
Hussein Nasir
Hussein Negahban
David Owen British MP British MP Lord Dr.
John Pridmore Anglican cleric, UK Anglican curate, UK Reverend
Ibrahim Qabazard TV director and producer TV director and producer
Jassim Qabazard Owner of architectural consulting firm Owner of engineering consulting firm
Mohamed Abdulkareem Qabazard
Suad Qabazard
Ali Qadanfari
Fatima Qadanfari Child
Ghuloom Qadanfari Deceased
Haider Qadanfari
Mohamed Qadanfari Child Deceased
Kafia Ramadan Author Author Dr.
Sadad Sabri Medical doctor Dr.
Mohamed Sahyoun Businessman
Nasser Sarkhau Kuwaiti ex-MP Dr.
(Unknown) Sediqi Dr.
Christine Shaban Businesswoman, Kuwait Businesswoman, Kuwait
Habib Shaban Kuwaiti ex-MP and KU professor Chairman, Chemical Engineering Department, Kuwait University Dr.
Mohamed Ali Shahrestani A religious member of the Iraqi opposition Sayyed
Mohamed Shareef Businessman
Abdullah Shehab
Abdulmohsen Sheshtar Graphics designer Art teacher
Hussein Sheshtar
Talal Showaish Filmmaker Businessman and filmmaker in South Africa
Adeeb Shuhaibar TV news presenter Radio news presenter
Ibrahim Shuhaibar Owner & Chairman, English School of Fahaheel Owner & Chairman, English School of Fahaheel
Yousif Shuhaibar Division Head, Ministry of Electricity & Water Deceased Dr.
Abir Mohamed Sultan
Dina Sultan
Hussein Sultan
Rida Tabtabai
Abdullah Taifoni
Mona Taleb Radio news broadcaster Writer and media personality
Galeb Taqi
Carolyn Tshering Teacher and Deputy Headmaster in Kuwait Retired teacher and school principal in Bhutan
Pemazhom Tshering Student Media communications in the UK
Marc Weller Professor of International Law, Cambridge University Director, European Centre for Minority Issues and Professor of International Law, Cambridge University Dr.
Ivana (Unknown)
Moaz (Unknown) Secretary to NUKS
On December 6, 1990, Chairwoman Nouriya Al-Saddani of the Culture Committee, attended a strategy meeting with other committee heads and their members. Among Al-Saddani’s many responsibilities was the editorship of the official Kuwaiti High Committee magazine and news bulletin, published in the name of The Kuwaiti Community. Al-Saddani assumed leadership of the committee in late autumn after the first Chairman, Salem Al-Banay, had to leave the UK.

King Fahad's Academy housed the young Kuwaiti students in London and allowed them to continue their studies according to the Kuwaiti curriculum. Despite having a day job as a teacher and deputy headmaster of the boys section at this academy, Abdulmohsen Sheshtar joined the FKC's Culture Committee and used his artistic talents to serve the Kuwaiti High Committee's needs. He created original art and graphics designs for logos, posters, postcards, stickers, and magazine covers as well as the design layouts for the magazine and newsletter issues. Sheshtar was also a regular at the Kuwaiti People's Committee diwaniya and assisted with its newsletter.

On October 3, 1990, Ahmad Al-Houli spoke at an indoor rally to offer moral support for those Kuwaitis trapped inside their homeland. Al-Houli and his colleagues on the Kuwaiti High Committee were tireless planners, organizers, and participants in numerous FKC events. Al-Houli will always be remembered for his portrayal of Saddam Hussein in a satire staged on January 2.

On November 22, 1990, Khalid Al-Hajri of the Kuwaiti High Committee acted as moderator of a lecture on obligations of Islamic nations to support Kuwait.

On November 23, 1991 in Hyde Park, Alaa' Al-Salah led the Kuwaiti crowd in a chant before beginning his speech and his image became a symbol of the campaign.  He was one of the FKC members who seemed to be everywhere - moderating lectures, chairing committees, organizing and participating in meetings. monitoring marchers, and orating on Sundays in Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park. 

On December 2, 1990, Sam Bassan unloaded “Stop the Atrocities” placards from his van on the day of the FKC's big major march and rally. Having seen the excessive prices paid by the FKC to London designers and printers, Michael Lorrigan asked Bassan, who had previously been a supplier to Lorrigan's board game company, to quote costs for creating various items. Bassan was able to source the products and have the designs prepared at a fraction of the London prices, and often get the designs at no cost. He, Lorrigan, and Ali Al-Mulaifi collaborated on designing most of the FKC memorabilia. He drove huge distances to find reliable low-price suppliers. Bassan became very involved personally in the FKC, for instance, by helping to design posters and campaign memorabilia, by giving Lorrigan the theme for his December 2 speech (see 2533), and by attending the Jassim's debate at Cambridge (see excerpt at V005).

On December 5, 1990, the Kuwait Minister of Foreign Affairs visited the Media Committee office. Seham Al-Marzouq, a member of both that committee and the Kuwaiti High Committee, shared her views with the Minister. Al-Marzouq was invaluable to the FKC, but tended to keep a low profile. Respected by the other members for her sound judgment, she is the member who the others usually consulted for "final advice."

On December 24, 1990, Bader Al-Rifai, Chairman of the Radio Station Committee, attended a panel discussion before a large audience in Porchester Hall. The theme was garnering international support for the Kuwaiti cause. Al-Rifai noted newsworthy points for his nightly radio broadcast to the communities in the southern UK and northern France. Six weeks later, Al-Rifai would leave for Saudi Arabia to join the British coalition force as an interpreter. (To listen to a sample program, visit A001.)

On January 13, 1991, the theme of the 4th and last major march and rally was "Save the People." Najla Al-Naqi marched in front carrying half of a long banner in the colors of the Kuwaiti flag. Al-Naqi helped Kuwaiti families through activities within the Kuwaiti Embassy. She tracked the whereabouts of displaced Kuwaitis all over the world, which enabled their relatives to find them. This effort was made easier after October, when the Kuwaiti government asked its citizens not to move from country to country. Behind Al-Naqi is one of the many photojournalists who covered the march.

On January 20, 1991, Ali Al-Mulaifi answered questions for the TV news media. It was the 4th day of the coalition force air strikes. Emotions were mixed: relief that the process of liberation had begun combined with sadness and fear of loss of life. Dr. Yousif Shuhaibar listened from off-camera.

On February 25, 1991, Iman Fahad Al-Sabah, seen here during an interview with a journalist, volunteered as a marshal at the Kuwait National Day vigil outside the Kuwait Embassy. Al-Sabah was one of the first members of the Media Committee.

On February 26, 1991, Maha Al-Barjas fielded calls from news seekers. Al-Barjas was one of a handful of invaluable Media Committee fulltime core members.

Also on February 26, 1991, brothers Bader Mousa Marafi and Yousif Mousa Marafi sat down for a new media interview. After they and their father managed to flee from Kuwait in October, all 3 immediately joined the FKC. The hard-working young Marafis were immensely helpful with preparing the huge Media Committee mailings and they also provided support to other committees whenever needed.

On March 6, 1991, Mona Taleb celebrated along with other FKC members at a liberation party thrown by the United Bank of Kuwait. Taleb’s committee, which she organized to promote friendship between Kuwaitis and the British, was to continue its work for another 2 years and receive recognition from the Kuwaiti and British governments.

Around March 10, 1991, Michael Lorrigan (on left) and Talal Showaish waited at the Saudi border for entry into Kuwait. They were on the way to film the occupation's aftermath for the BBC. They are shown in the line of media vehicles that were being denied access. They switched to the next British convey and, after a few more snags, finally managed to cross the border.

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