Photos of the activities of the Free Kuwait Campaign in London, UK, August 1990 through March 1991
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About This Site

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The campaign to free Kuwait was a worldwide movement orchestrated officially by the government of Kuwait and unofficially by its residents-in-exile to rid their nation of occupying Iraqi troops during August 1990 to February 1991. In this website, the “Free Kuwait Campaign” refers specifically to the London-based activities aimed mainly at the British public and Kuwaitis in the UK. These activities were organized and overseen by the Kuwaiti High Committee under the auspices of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students in the UK & Ireland and also by several other grassroots groups within the Kuwaiti community.

FREE KUWAIT is a documentary website about selective events mainly in London, UK, during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. The coverage is highly personal and is not a complete history of these events.

The Introduction section contains a 7-page photo essay recapping the Free Kuwait Campaign (FKC), the political landscape in the UK, the plight of the stranded Kuwaitis, the diwaniyas, women’s activities, the contribution of the hideaways and hostages to the FKC, and the making of a rally; a summary of events; lists of activities by people shown in the photos; members of the many FKC committees; a Name Chart of all people identified so far in the photos or mentioned elsewhere in the website; and a map pinpointing the main spots of FKC activity in London.


In the form of more than 1,000 photographs arranged by date, the Gallery offers a tribute to those Kuwaitis and their foreign supporters who worked relentlessly to free Kuwait from occupation. There are sections for FKC memorabilia and documents, portraits of some FKC participants, non-UK activities, and reminiscences from today about that fateful time.

To find photos on specific subjects, such as campaign buttons, diwaniyas, magazines, panel discussions, postcards, speakers, or United Bank of Kuwait, type one or more words into the SEARCH box. To find photos of individuals, first consult the Name Chart for the English spelling of the names. For audio or film footage, visit the Media section.

Photos of the FKC start in August 1990 and end in March 1991. All photos are by Al-Yousifi unless otherwise noted.

Identifying people in the site, based on memory after the passage of 21 years, is far from complete. For that we apologize and invite viewers to contact us when they recognize anyone whose name was omitted.

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The FKC "Stop the Atrocities" March
On December 2, 1990, thousands of Kuwaitis and supporters from around the globe marched in silence from London’s Hyde Park to a rally in Trafalgar Square.

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